The Growth of the Mama

There is an undeniable bump on my belly and we suspect the baby may have something to do with this. One of my students told me during office hours the other day that before I told the class I was pregnant, she assumed I just had a beer belly. Hmm.

The baby is kicking away these days–after dinners are its most active time, but whenever I wake up in the middle of the night, he also seems to be squirming away. We’re hoping these hours of activity are no indication of his sleep patterns in the future. Regardless, it’s pretty cool to have a living companion inside of me.

We’ve also been keeping track of our weights. So far, the baby wins for greatest growth rate (these measurements are based on averages from a book–sadly, we aren’t able to whip him out for daily weigh-ins):
Tim gets the prize for most variable weight from day to day, and my weight has definitely increased, though gradually. The burst seems yet to come:

One thought on “The Growth of the Mama

  1. Megan March 25, 2007 / 12:49 am

    that chart seems to indicate that tim has a very active tapeworm!


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