Liam Kiran Waring Arrives!!!

On Monday, June 11th, at 5:11am, a brand new baby boy began to cry in a Walnut Creek birthing room. Katie labored hard, and Tim supported her tirelessly, so when Liam came, we were overwhelmed with joy, relieved, and with each passing moment increasingly enthralled with this tiny being. Now we’re dumbstruck with love. This is day 4.

And here is a whole album of photos from these first days:

More soon,

Tim, Katie and Liam

5 thoughts on “Liam Kiran Waring Arrives!!!

  1. sidesh0w June 15, 2007 / 12:20 pm

    Oh, wow.Wow.Congratulations, you two.Wow.I have to run around Cambridge all day yelling like a loon.I’m so happy for you both.(See “wow,” above.)


  2. Lesley June 17, 2007 / 7:09 am

    Tim and Kate,Liam is absolutely gorgeous. Welcome to the parental generation!Lesley and Pete


  3. Amber June 17, 2007 / 8:34 am

    wonderful news and great name. Congratulations. All three of you look beautiful. I can’t wait to meet Liam. All my best.


  4. Kari & Alex June 19, 2007 / 2:02 am

    Congrats to you both! All our best as you embark on this new chapter in life.Looking forward to the updates.Love,Kari & Alex


  5. Kim June 28, 2007 / 6:19 pm

    <>CONGRATULATIONS!<>*hugs all around*!!!


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