Nephew Gorgeous and the Princesses

So the little lemur is growing merrily away, becoming longer (3&1/4inches longer already) and fatter daily. We don’t entirely believe that he will become a person yet, or that he is actually related to us, but we are still cooing, and utterly in love. And, we keep coming up with new names to describe this little being. A brief recap:

Lemur Beamer
Creature (pronounced “Treature”)
Mini Houdini (he’s a very small escape artist when it comes to swaddles!)
Bean – a popular one.

and this one is a lovely one. Katie came up with it:


Adds an air of haute couture to his otherwise slothful state, I think. Speaking of sloth:

We also want to report on a new move that Liam has recently aquired. It’s called “the Princess” and it involves gently caressing his face with his hands, or generally striking any other demur posture. He seems to have a daily regimen of at least 10 Princesses a day. He’s really good at them, too:

The central valley of California can really heat up during the summer, and there are many ways to cool of. Liam has found one of the best.

When Katie was little, after baths she would be dressed in a towel and her parents would coo: “Oh, sister gorgeous!” Now Liam is the new gorgeous creature, and seeing that the son of a sister is a nephew…
“Oh, Nephew Gorgeous!”

(It’s worth noting here that he’s asleep in the tub. We told him this was dangerous, but he paid us no heed.)

One thought on “Nephew Gorgeous and the Princesses

  1. swaring79 June 29, 2007 / 11:02 pm

    Yes, yes, post the photos! I can’t wait to see the Princess and Nephew Gorgeous. And OF COURSE the world revolves around the younger sibling, right Bri? He could also legitimately be ‘Brother Gorgeous’.


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