Infinite Liams

Spokane, as a small city, goes out of it’s way to host some amazing public events. There is Bloomsday (a huge road race) HoopFest (basketball on downtown streets), concerts in the park, symphonies on the green, the list goes on. It’s quite amazing, really.

Recently there were two interesting conventions that Spokane held. The first was for Vespa owners, the slogan was “Vespas are the Harleys of the Scooter World.” True enough. Quieter, too.  We’re guessing not too many out-of-towner Vespa owners made it to this event, given their max speed.  

The second convention didn’t make the paper like the Vespas, but was even more amazing. Katie and I were downtown taking care of some business when we saw what looked like a queue of unaccompanied babies lined up outside an office building. To our surprise every single one looked like Liam! We followed them inside, where they were having some sort of beaner convention.

The convention was in an odd room full of glass panels that separated the little buggers into miniature triangular transparent rooms. This didn’t seem to stop them from discussing their business, though:

If only we could decipher their strange little language. But alas, no use.

After a while, they all removed their outer garments and the atmosphere became decidedly more relaxed.

During the shuffle, I put Liam down somewhere to take the pictures, and when I’d turned around he was lost in the crowd of infinite identical Liams. Exasperated, Katie just grabbed one, and we drove home. We’ll never know if it was the right one, but chances are it must be one of the clones.

One thought on “Infinite Liams

  1. Adam HH September 12, 2007 / 9:58 pm

    Thanks to the glory of the internet, I actually did notice an article about a west coast baby cloning breakout. I didn’t realize it was in Spokane, and that you had volunteered Liam’s efforts to help! I don’t think it matters which one you got, as they all have the same memory up until the cloning took place (I just studied this topic in my Loops and Methods class), and after that I imagine it was a pretty short while until you took one home. I’m sure your Liam didn’t even notice, and won’t remember this day a week from now.*beep*This is a recording.


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