Summer in Davis

School started yesterday in Davis, which means summer is starting to end, which means we’re due to share an update (or at least the bits of our summer we’ve haphazardly managed to document in photos):

Liam has settled wonderfully into life in on-campus family housing. He’s taking advantage of all the perks:

  • play time with friends like Elle in the sandbox right outside our door

  • activities at the community center like finger painting

  • and this other great new thing called birthday parties where they have another wonderful thing called chocolate cake (if you haven’t happened upon chocolate cake, Liam suggests you ask around–you’ll love it!).

Liam continues to adore reading books. He will take us on many-hour book reading marathons to the point that we have to insist that it’s now time to go outside. He also loves talking (this is how he puts himself to sleep) and can parrot almost anything, usually to our amusement and sometimes to our dismay. Recent funny phrases have included:

  • “I love my California home.” (Said at 3a.m. during a diaper change when Grandma Sally was here taking care of him).
  • “What’s your whole name?” (Said to every person he meets–he recently learned that his whole name is “Liam Kiran Waring”).
  • “Get a job, Hippy.” (Taught to him by his Uncle Brian, who, at least for this month, is unemployed).
  • “Can I have some of your naan?” (Said to an Indian neighbor tonight when she brought by food).

Tim has been working hard on the first chapter of his dissertation and took two weeks to attend a summer school session in Italy on networks and innovation in Trento.

The conference center was up at the top of a cliff connected to town by a gondola (of the cabled variety, not punted). Here’s a sampling of the view he enjoyed:
And here he is at some vineyards near the conference center:
Before flying back home to us, he made a quick stop in Venice (where he looked at, but didn’t ride in a punted gondola):

My (Katie’s) biggest task has been growing a baby (yes, we’re pregnant again and due in late February).I’ve been sleeping, almost as much as Liam (not the best for picture taking), and am gradually regaining my energy as I exit the first trimester. Life for me has included teaching two community college classes during the summer term at my old haunt, Berkeley City College. I enjoyed taking a 6:25 a.m. train there and then riding up to campus on my bike–Liam and Tim actually joined me on the last train/bike trip:
I continue to write for 3-4 hours every day while Liam and Tim enjoy some play time together. My travel highlight was our family trip to Waterton, Alberta, to meet up with my mom’s extended family. Unfortunately, my parents couldn’t make it because of my mom’s imminent back surgery (the surgery has since happened and Mom is up and driving and walking again!), but we enjoyed the company of Brian and Anna and all the wonderful Bulger relatives:

We’re doing well and, though quite busy, we’re enjoying life as a young family. Health is on our minds these days. First, for our parents, and particularly Marie at the moment, as she deals with some serious back pain. And, second, with national and California-based health care, particularly a public option, for which Tim and I have tried to commit to doing at least one bit of activism a day.

We think of our friends and old home in India often. The other day on our morning walk, I pointed out Detura flowers to Liam, and reminded him that they line the road leading to our old home in Kodai.

“We’re going to Shelton Cottage right now?” Liam asked.

Oh, how I wished we could just time travel over there and say hello, even just for an hour.

But, for the moment, all three of us “love our California home.” Come visit us!