Coast Camp on Point Reyes

Sarah Waring (yup, that’s my sister) visits and we take a trip to Point Reyes.  We took an awesome fire-road entrance and used a bike and a modern vaggabond cart to carry all our stuff.  Including the firstborn.

This is what I mean when I say “Point Reyes.”

Liam helped push the trusty cart up the final slope to “Coast Camp.”

We met our lovely friends Christine and Chris Hanson there, and they quickly bestowed upon me a birthday peacock tiara, as I was turning 33.

We went for walks on the beach.  These walks involve littler individuals nested within larger individuals.  Chris(Ried).

Our troupe and hosts, the Hansons.

On the way home.

Reid contemplates green.

Shortly after returning Liam joins a pool party in the Zia boy’s pool.  It was cold.  I know because I joined them.

One thought on “Coast Camp on Point Reyes

  1. Adam HH May 29, 2010 / 12:02 pm

    Good lawd that looks like such a gorgeous place to have an outing! How often do you nibble on Reid's cheeks? Happy birthday Tim! Hi Sarah!!


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