Mr. Adorable

NOTE: You’ll need to click the “four arrows” button in the lower right of the youtube video boxes to get it to expand to the whole screen, and when you do that, you can then click the “360p” button, in the lower right of the fullscreen mode to increase the resolution to “480p”.

Reid shows off his talking and tongue skills.

Reider Beader is the cute machine. Breathing is raspy because he had a doosie of a cold that he got from his Aunt. It’s gone now, thanks goodness.

RedBeds chews his hands, and sighs. Life is hard work.

One thought on “Mr. Adorable

  1. Adam HH June 4, 2010 / 7:51 pm

    Did you guys see how cute that kid is?! He's like a small round person shaped cute machine!


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