Reids Skillz

 Our little friendy has been getting some “mad” “skillz” recently.  First, there is “standy”:

 Standy is a proud maneuver which allows one to explore many things.  Everything is interesting when you are standing.  This contrasts with the fact that many things are futzy when you are lying down.

Speaking of lying down, our little friend has *just* rolled over for the first time.  A total surprise.  Here he is, in the midst of a go.

And it doesn’t stop there.  He’s working on his future skate-boarding skills.  Here he is practicing a 1080˚.

Here he is, caught in the act of an illicit “nunch” of the forbidden “fumb”.

And again.

And two fingers.

 Daddy and Reider hangin’ out, being smart.

And mister social.