Tim and Sally visit Solano Park one last time

Babies we cared for, and entertained.

We visited the swimming pool every day.  Especially on Katie’s birthday.

Reid at the swimming pool.

Reid and Daddy having a giggle.

Liam gets thrown up out of the water.

The poolside.



Tim spent lots of time taking care of Reid.

Grandma Sally bought Liam a “flute” or a “clarinet” or a “recorder-phone” depending on your gloss.  It was the single most popular gift Liam has received in a long time.  His daddy liked it too.

In the competition for baldness (including three participants) Reid wins out, with Katie placing last.  Gotta try harder Kate!

One thought on “Tim and Sally visit Solano Park one last time

  1. Adam HH July 20, 2010 / 5:45 pm

    Tim has such a great noggin.


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