One thought on “The Adventures of Captain Little Birch

  1. Jack Hale, Lil e, and Lil'r Z December 15, 2010 / 5:21 am

    A visionary retelling of the historical voyage of Captain Little Beerch, The Adventures of Captain Little Birch [sic] is a sensorial feast that sets a new standard for Orono-American cinema. The directorial debut of the father-son team, Liam and Daddy, The Adventures is strong commentary on the current international political climate (spoiler: the Palestinian conflict in particular) and, though perhaps heavy-handed, the film's sincere appeal to post-historical humanism makes it a heartwarming tale for the holidays. We predict that The Adventures will sweep the Academy awards, particularly in the case of Sroggy, whose gritty and compelling performance as the stranded frog will almost certainly capture Best Supporting Amphibian. A must see.


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