We were lucky enough to join Tim on a conference trip to AZ.

Reid did some housekeeping in the airport. The place was a mess, but he straightened that out.

Gorgeous red rocks up near Sedona.

And amazing cacti everywhere.
Liam had a great trip–very busy swimming every day and generally exploring.
My parents joined us, which was great. Three, no five, no ten cheers for our kids’ four wonderful grandparents.
We visited Biosphere 2–very cool, though I promised the Doctor I would save that story for his next blog post, so more on that soon.

Naturally, since we were traveling with children (AKA, as a friend once said, the viral superhighway), we had to all get sick (well, all except for the resilient grandmother). This variety involved us taking turns vomiting and causing diapers to leak in ways they shouldn’t. But we’re on the mend, and spring is definitely in the air in ME.

One year olds in ME are also intolerably cute.

2 thoughts on “Arizona!

  1. Adam HH March 21, 2011 / 7:03 pm

    Yay fun!! Arizona at the end of winter must have been quite a nice break. How was the flight with the gaggle of little ones?

    Glad you're enjoying everything and being your awesome selves. Tons of hugs!


  2. Anonymous April 19, 2011 / 8:40 pm

    “It's always summer in Arizona.” LKW


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