Acadia in April

Acadia is Awesome.

Reid can now walk, though he prefers marching through the sand with a couple of hands.
Liam, the intrepid (and always cautious) explorer.
Mama (or Nana, as Reid calls her) shirking her mommy duties and run off into the surf.
Sand is touchy.

Daddy and the fellas on our short hike along the coast–Liam walked all of 1.5 miles, and Reid probably about .3 miles!

We discovered some water along the way.

And took some breaks for snacks.

And views of the rocky Maine coast.

Liam and Tim explored tide pools.

And then things got wild and Reid threw off all of his clothes.

Big water, quite close.

Reid hails the water.

And the seagulls.

I love this.

Reaching for the waterfall

Little people.

Observe, the seagull.

Some of us are smaller than others.

Also, we just got some new easy views which make browsing our photos much better than before.  Check them out: