Liam Turns Four!

Liam is now four years old.
 He’s a big kid.
 Who shares food with his little bother, oh, I mean brother.
He’s an explorer.
 An investigator.
A tree climber.
 A paddler.
A silly little nutter who wears underwear on his head, and holds wooden daggers.
And he has an amazing mommy who loves him.
Reid is now more than one.
 He drives cars.
He poses for photo shoots.
 He toddles like a champion.
Apparently Reid eats flavored ice.
He likes to mess with whatever other people are messing with.
 He is also an explorer.
And a champion sleeper.  (Okay that’s a lie.)
And a maximum smallness factory.

2 thoughts on “Liam Turns Four!

  1. Anonymous June 17, 2011 / 2:29 am

    Nice bloghead!The bare buns/peeping expose. Hope this blog self-constructs before Liam turns 13 and dies of humiliation–just a short 9 years out! Happy birthday, Liam-boy.


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