Honeymoon in Quebec City

Katie and I were given a most excellent gift – a trip to Quebec (as in vieux Québec, aka Quebec City), sans enfants.  So, while we were enjoying views of the Frontenac:
 Tim and Sally (known to the kids as Sal and O’Da, irrespectively) got to hang out with little dragons:
On the drive north we spotted moose.
And when we arrived were greeted by true classic architecture, some of which went back to the 1700s.
And, refeshingly, lots of French, everywhere.  It was lovely.  Katie speaks very excellent French and found that she could just jump right back in to it.  I did a lot of very successful listening, and said a few things too.
I love this image.
The buildings were awesome, especially this shop of antiquités.
We visited some  religious sites, such as this Anglican church (note the subtitle on this image that was done as a memorial of someone’s sister: “She did what she could”).
Being by ourselves was an amazing mental recharge.  We visited a waterfall, a fort, art galleries, farmers markets, night street music, the Isle d’Orleans, walked, ate good food (including crepes and lapin), had perfect café au lait, and desserts.  In this scene Katie walks along the fortress wall.  
She did what she could, you know.
Tim and the Frontenac.
He did what he could, too.
Style and color coexist with history and stone.
Beautiful living art coexists with street performers.
Fresh framboises!
This is the classic Quebecois swooping red roof.
Another little gem of a part-house.
An awesome cafe.
We hiked Mount Ste. Anne on the dernier jour, and lost our camera…
and miracles of miracles, we (Katie) found it again!
The old city is 100% European.  We’ll be back!
And it was all thanks to these sweet folks,
who made it all possible.
Thank you, Sal and O’Da!