North Haven Island, ME

 We visited Sara Ann and Merrick Lockwood on North Haven Island with the Kids for a few days.
A 2 hr drive and a 1 hr ferry ride.
Not bad! 
 The beach and Dorothy’s Bench.
 Reid leads.
 Morning mist.
 A wonderful wooden camp, build over the generations by Lockwood folks.
And mostly, a lovely quiet, filled more with the sounds of water and birds than people and motors.
 Liam had an awesome time.
 So did Reid (obscured by KQ, note the shoes)
 The coast was just fantastic.
 Sara Ann, walking down to the beach from the house.
 The troop.
 We look a couple handfuls of these beauties back with us.
And, wonder of wonders, we went “Musseling”!  Katie was the first to get her hands on some.
And Liam found some mussels too!
Daddy smugged like a snerk.
Reid dubbed it all disgusting.
Merrick captured a small snake that Tim and Reid got to play with. 
And life was awesome.
We steamed and ate the mussels, and they, too, were awesome.
And we spied on passing sailboats.
And used them shamelessly as props.
So, thank you Lockwoods~!

2 thoughts on “North Haven Island, ME

  1. Adam HH July 11, 2011 / 1:52 am

    Guys, it looks like you're having such fun!! Hoorays! Those mist photos are amazing. That must have been incredible.

    Tons of hugs!


  2. Anand July 12, 2011 / 11:12 pm

    Cant agree more with Adam, the lake photos are very artsy. We must make it over there and have oodles of fun with all 4 of you.
    BTW, is Merrick a herpetologist / a person in the know about snakes? Never seen a photo ever before of a child with a snake!! he he


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