Visits Home

We were lucky to get in some good visits with family this summer.  Some shots from our various treks to Vermont, Spokane, and Waterton:

 Rock skipping in Glover
 Excavating with Topher
 Birthday candles
 Playing with Maeve near Shadow Lake
Dancing at the Dome
Reid runs!
 Picking blackberries with Grandma Marie
Three generations of Waring boys
Traveling to Waterton (Reid and Liam drove there with Sal and O’Da and KQ and TW hiked in from Glacier with Bri and Anna)
Stunning Glacier
 Stunning Anna and Bri
 Day hiking (without our packs!)

 Crossing Stoney Indian Pass
Coming down from the pass to Waterton Lake
 Swimming in Waterton Lake


 Riding Burgundy horse
 Splashin’ with Sal
 Back home
 One of the four kinds of berries we picked in Maine this summer
 En route to swimming lessons
 Did you know blueberries can be raked?
 Finger painting
Toe painting.

One thought on “Visits Home

  1. Adam HH September 1, 2011 / 3:09 am

    So many awesome things. Those berries!! The hikes! Reid's incredible face! I love his expressions and adorableness.

    Good stuff guys. Bring on the autumn!!!

    Tons of hugs.


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