Belleville and Montmartre

 The very international Belleville market in NE Paris.  We heard some great Peruvian street music here and also picked up a second canteloup for the next day’s breakfast.  French melons are delicious.

 The view from Belleville park.

 Sacre Coeur church–a tourist mecca, but I still love it.

 I mistook this fellow for a statue when I first spotted him–he stayed still for a ten minutes we were there.

 Wandering around Montmartre. Lovely cobblestone.

 Little cars still abound.

 Just north of Pigalle–a Lautrec replica.

 The Montmartre cemetery–charming, even as it is squeezed under bridges and beneath a crane.

One of my old Metro stops–Pigalle–home of the redlight district and my old home.

Ah, the patisseries!  We’ve had more than one fruit tarte–apricot, and pear.