More Grammarie Time!

 Sand Beach, Acadia NP.  Gorgeous day.
 Reid with 4 sticks on Sand Beach.
Reid with stones.
Liam pretended to be a doggie and fetched thrown sticks for about an hour in the warmer fresh water pool.
Grampa Topher building a rock tower, which is Reid’s house.
 Larry and Sharon came to visit, and Grammarie made an amazing chicken and risotto dinner with our  own fresh garden greens.
This is cupid.
Acadia NP, again.  Long Pond.
Short legs, Long Pond.
 Reid shows Larry a tree.
 Larry shows Reid a shell.
At the Bass Head Light.
Days end Tubby.  Bays in Tubby.
 Liam Kiran swimming like a fiendish fish.
Grammarie and LK table drawing.
Yes, life has been good.