Maine without Mommy

 Well, we are ready to have our Mommy back, that’s for sure.
But thanks to Grammarie and Grampa Topher and Larry and Sharon, we’ve been having a pretty awesome week, despite her absence.  Some of the more recent highlights:
Swimming in Acadia with Liam.
Umbilicus lichen on the trail along Long Pond.
R2D2, Han and friends flying back along our Long Pond trail.
Liam, balancing mid-stride on a rocky coastline.
Reid and Grammarie examining the local biota.
Larry and Reid are very different sizes and ages, 
but they share a common journey.
Liam drawing an electric drill.
Grampa Topher helps Reid inspect the Volvo in preparation for canoe transport.
A lovely day on the stillwater branch of the might Penobscott.
The SS Marsha sets sail in the Stillwater.
Liam pulls the SS Marsha.  Her painter is tied to his paddle.
Now Liam is pulled by the canoes painter.
He has double floatation devices and many watchful eyes on him.
But he loves every second of it.
Finally, Liam, Topher and Tim start the construction of the “control panel,” a wood mounted device made from salvaged components of an old toy tractor.  It is extremely cool.  More on that in a few days.