Last Paris Installment

 Our last day in Paris included a trip to the Rodin Museum, housed in a beautiful old hotel. This is the metro stop.

 This is the garden of the museum with the top of the Invalides dome behind it.  Mom and I turned out to have matching clothes that day!

 The Rodin garden, museum in the background and some booty in the pond.

 We did some thinking there.

 Ah, French presentation of fruit.

 Our final dinner table.

 A pirate ship at Paris Plages–would have liked to bring Liam and Reid here.

And a walk to the Louvre–beautiful.  We had a great trip.

One thought on “Last Paris Installment

  1. TimW August 1, 2012 / 2:42 pm

    That shot of KQ with the thinker is just a classic Katie pose, with one foot or leg slightly suspended as if she had been caught off guard by the photographer. Like she might topple over if you wait too long to take the photo. I love it.


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