A Trip to Isle au Haut

 Friends invited us to a picnic on Isle au Haut.  Reid explains.
 The ferry on the way out.  Shade was necessary.  It was hot.
 Lobster traps.
 Our friends have a place on Head Harbor, and we camped in their field.
Note this boat.  She makes a reappearance.
An inspection of the vehicle by admiral Quirk.  It appears the driver hasn’t been keeping it up to snuff.
 Our tent.
 Well, actually, it’s our neighbors, Jim and Melissa’s tent, but WOW do we love it!
 The Wilson’s house, from the Head Harbor clam flat.
 There she is again.  Parked just as neat as you please.
 Morning mist on a web.
 KQ and RQ on a hike/hug.
 Water droplets on a funnel web.
 The proprietor.
 Decorative buoys are so common, but kinda pretty anyway.
 Reid debriefs on the way home.
Video of debriefing with one S. B. Quirk:

One thought on “A Trip to Isle au Haut

  1. annelies August 31, 2012 / 4:22 am

    Maine looks like it's treating your family so well! I am jealous of all that gorgeous country!


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