Blue Hill Fair

We took a trip to the fair at Blue Hill.  The Blue Hill fair is a standard sugar and grease, giant pumpkins and horse races, games and rides and animals sort of fair.  It is awesome, and this year we went all out.
This is one of my favorite parts – getting to ride little friends around on my shoulders.
 Alpacas are crazy animals.
 Especially when sheared.
Reid’s first experience with cotton candy.  Liam clearly know what do to with it.
…as well as what to do with strawberry/blueberry shortcake…
… and candied apple.  This was a *great* candied apple.  The caramel was soft so your teeth didn’t break, unlike the candied apples of my youth.
 Reid got to lead a jeep safari.
 Liam and Katie rode the big Ferris Wheel.
And “we” napped on the way home.
Lovely country fair.