New house edits

We are editing our new house.  It is so fun.
While mommy and daddy rip out carpet, Liam draws, and Liam and Reid run around and hit each other.
Some spots need editing.
A little more than a week ago, a tractor trailer delivered and we unloaded 3980 pounds of strand woven bamboo flooring.  There it is.
BSW = Bamboo, Strand Woven.  This stuff is very, very hard.  3000 on the Janka scale.
But dang, is it heavy.
We take a break for a story in the hammock. (Yes, we have a hammock!)
And since we keep coming back, we drag the kids.  This works well when donuts are on offer.
The south side.
The bamboo stacked for optimal acclimatization (absorbing Maine moisture) in the sunken living room.
And in the raised living room.
Liam, drawing sand howler dragons.  NOTE that one on the left!  
He DREW that, and it LOOKS like a dragon!
More updates soon.

One thought on “New house edits

  1. Adam HH September 26, 2012 / 3:10 am

    Your new house is reDINKulous! Can't wait to see more!! Goodness!


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