Sal and O’da Come to Town

Sal and O’da came to town the week before we moved into our new house.  It was great to have them here and to have their help.  In addition to packing, cleaning, cooking, shuttling kids and helping us to outnumber the little people in a busy week, they took Liam and Reid on outings to swim, pick apples and go to the fair.  A few scenes from their visit:

 Reid’s first school field trip to the apple orchard.  He loved the bus ride there.

Liam (dressed for the occasion) and Sal and O’da were his chaperones. 

 The man behind the camera (we only wish we had more photos of him!) and his assistant.

 Tractors remain popular.

 Reid insists upon a tight hand hold when not wearing a seat belt. This was on the train ride (!!) to the fair.

 What a youthful grandma!

 Goats were fed and milked.

This is Liam’s “Oh, my crazy little bro” look–we get this look many times every day. You can see he’s fond and even a bit admiring of the guy, even though he thinks he’s nuts.