Thanksgiving in Orono!

This Thanksgiving we had the local Waring clan to Orono.  It felt kind of momentous because it was the first time that Katie and I had hosted any major event, especially a family holiday in the new house.  Our first house.  We felt kind of like adults.  It was sort of…
 Of course, Halloween bleeds into Thanksgiving, at least in terms of photo blogging.
The small fellow on the island.  He would object to the title, however.
A petite Guy Fawkes visited us.
A traditional Thanksgiving forest aeronautical sortie.  
You can tell it’s an aeronautical sortie, can’t you?
One of the major highlights was Granny’s visit.  She, of course, is the Matriarch, even if she does not reign very harshly.  Her presence gave us four generations.
To give last year’s paper-mache turkey some company, we made little cork friends and a cornucopia full of Chinese lanterns and pine cones.  
The feast, which included a wonderful ham from Sarah and Paul and eggplant parmesan, a Thanksgiving tradition for one of our friends who joined us.
Marie and Granny set the table, complete with Granny’s center pieces (below).
Reading books Granny gave to us (Reid after a sink tubby).
It was great to have Sarah’s friend Paul with us–he already feels like one of the clan.
A lego puzzle made by Tim.
The fellas.
 Four generations of Warings!
And the whole team.  Thanks so much for joining us, Topher, Marie, Sarah, Paul and Granny.

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  1. Joel December 19, 2012 / 2:03 am

    Love the great family pics!


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