Tracking Turkeys (and more) in Vermont

The Waring/Quirks have been pursuing adventure after adventure while on our spring vacation in the great state of Vermont.  One thing we’ve done recently is gone out to track turkeys that wandered across Gandpa Topher and Grandma Marie’s front yard.

Reid approaches a turkey.
The turkey tracks.

The turkey tracking crew.
The next day we went skiing.  Reid helped daddy manage the complexities of that operation.

Liam and Daddy (Snowfort Buildtastic One, and Snowfort Buildtastic Two) built a snowfort and a bridge across the stream.

Snowfort Buildtastic seven also helped out.

Then we sat on each others laps and made neato paper airplaines, like this F35 (or something).
Fabulous Paul Eley stopped by on this food run.
And we went on a sleigh ride with Bekah and Neal at Perry’s Farm (