The Kenduskeag Stream Canoe Race 2013

Andy, Marc and I braved the Kenduskeag this year, placing a surprising 11th in the open class (3:43:01 for a sixteen mile, two portage white water journey).  Not bad.  There were only 23 boats to finish at all in the open class, so we were squarely in the middle.  Actually, it is surprising how middling we truly were.  We finished an hour after the first boat (with 6 paddlers!), and an hour before the 23rd and final boat.  Just what we were aiming for, really.
 It was fantastic and exhilarating and grueling all at once.
 The kids on the daddy-watching tour.
  The first mandatory portage (and thank goodness – a needed break, and the falls we avoid would have killed us all).
Looking stellar!  Thank goodness for the costume.
The about-half-way point. 

Race finished, we dragged the canoe up the final slope (Andrew sustaining the only injury of the journey at the very end) we collapsed into family, dry clothes, and chowder in the warming tent.

Update: See some local news coverage with our boat at minute 2:10 of this video!
Update: The official race results.