More Kenduskeag 2013, boat 17

A very candid set of shots of Marc, Andrew and I going over six mile falls, taken by Whittling Fog Photography.  Note the look of abject terror on our faces.
Our faces recover some outward signs of hope as we bounce back up… though not as high as we might like!
Having survived the infamous six mile falls, we were in high spirits, if low energy, coming into the second deadly swamping zone, called “shopping cart.”  Here is a series of shots, taken by Justin Russell, which shows our downfall, in perfect clarity.  
Step One:
We enter shopping cart having just taken on a lot of water, but with no time to bail.
Step Two:
Apparently the stern submerges first.  I had no idea from the bow.  You can see I’m still hopeful while Andy, astern, knows what’s coming all too well.
Step Three:
We begin to capsize.
Step Four:
It is done.  Marc is entirely underwater, and we face a chilly last mile or two to the warming tent.
The blessed warming tent.
Thanks to the photographers for posting the shots.  They are gorgeous images. 
I am happy to post them with their logos emblazoned!