Day Three, QC

 Mom warily approaching la Chute de Montmorency.   She’s wise to be wary.
Mom ascending the 400 some stairs on the way to the top of the Chute.
The reason she was scared!
 On the way back down.
Changing of the guard in the citadel.
 The Quebecois fleur-de-lis has a horizontal bar.  And this one is also made out of flowers, which is really pretty neat.
 Guards.  Changing.
First day, in Front of the Frontenac!
Furry Street Urns.
We need furry street urns.
We like it here.
 Le Frontenac.
 Mom loves horses, and this one pulled us all over town.
Les Fraises.
 Mom is inspecting a local’s broken ankle.
Musée des Beaux Arts.
 Adieu, Friendies!
The flower boxes are both ubiquitous and gorgeous.  
They are ubigorgiquitous.
Everything in Québec City is tasteful.  
This man’s work speaks for itself.
Au revoir.