Bri and Anna gettin’ hitched!!!

Two fabulous people (my bro and his partner, Anna) got married last weekend. The celebration–an intimate gathering of close friends and nuclear families–was at Anna’s home in Northern Wisconsin. The ceremony was top-notch–what Tim and I would call Quaker style with folks sharing a variety of messages, including a poem about Bri and Anna from Mom and Dad, a flash-mob-style song from the Vodickas, and a great song from the Tufts Amalgamates.

The Quirky Vodickas (Sister Bethye and Tim in the background)

Dinner the first night was at a Wisconsin Supper Club where Anna used to work.

My wonderful husband

This Vodicka family song was genius–nieces and nephews popped up for the chorus and sister Josie taught herself the ukelele two days before the event.

Water skiing–I even dropped one ski!

Anna–the real professional.

Liam and Reid stayed with Grandpa Topher and Grandma Marie in Vermont while we were away for the wedding. We missed the kids at the wedding, but they had a great visit with the Waring clan, including Aunt Sarah. Naturally, lots of work was being done at Topher and Marie’s when we arrived–this time installation of solar panels, or at least the foundations for them.