CSSSA in Santa Fe

The computational social science society of the Americas meeting was held in Santa Fe this year, at a place called Bishops Lodge. 

Santa Fe it turns out was beautiful.  Super blue skies, dry desert sand and soil, sharp smells.  Everything is made in Adobe which gives a sort of simple rough beauty to man-made things.

The food was simple, delicious and fresh. 

The art was also lovely.  Same Native American traditions and shapes and rough landscape that once inspired Georgia O’Keeffe.

And, unlike much of the modern west where being a cowboy is a false, plastic symbol of manhood, it seems that Santa Fe wears its horse riding tradition gently. And celebrates it honestly. 

Natural, simple, and traditional arts, colors, and materials make Santa Fe decor very appealing

Silent spinning copper wind machines…

…produced Arabic shapes against the sky.

The City of Santa Fe is very old.

The small people of the small church which this bishop created now a resort. 

The erosion seems so extreme and yet so slow.