Sarah, Iris, Will, and Domestic Bounty

Will Bergerson!  With child! Her name is Iris and she’s adorable. This is Iris’s grin:

She grins a lot. She is also one year big. Which is so big.

I got to visit Will and his wonderful wife Sarah and Iris in their lovely new home in Boston on the way home. Here is Sarah with Iris, who is grinning.

Aside from just being generally awesome people, Will and Sarah have managed to produce an unbelievable domestic bounty. This now includes three peach trees, blueberries, a garden of impressive proportions, homemade yogurt, pickled dilly beans, composting, vermiculture, and an apiary!  And, as goes without saying, Will’s beer making skills have grown to an expert level, and his facilities have been upgraded to an industrial scale. 10 gallon batches!

(Note to self: Will uses a roll of concrete reinforcing wire mesh to hold up his tomatoes, and it works like a dream. They stood nearly 6 feet tall.)

So while I didn’t have all of those niceties when I returned home, I did find a foot-long zucchini:

My hand from thumb to pinky is 9 inches exactly:

Delicious little cherry tomatoes:

The first crop of the summer:

Sweet peas that were so big I had feared they had grown too far:

But about five or six samples proved to me definitively that they were absolutely delicious:

And, and impatiens decided to come inside:

The weather is warm, the water in the river is cool, the trees are green the bugs are gone. 
Orono in late summer. It’s splendid.