Christmas decor

My appreciation for Christmas decorations (even the kitschy variety) has gone way up with kids. We love unpacking the box of Christmas decorations every year. Some of my favorites are those made by people we know and love. Here’s a random selection:

Liam’s nutcracker painting from this year:

Grandma Marie’s advent calendar:

Great grandma Betty’s Santa and angel advent calendar:

Grandma Sal’s felt ornaments from Mom and Dad’s New York graduate school days:

The stockings I made for Liam and Reid in California out of old Christmas dresses from the free box in our community laundry room:

This mother and child painting from Tanzania:

The clay birdhouse I made in high school, which has now become part of our wild and crazy, multicultural, multi-species nativity Christmas scene:

All sorts of ornaments gifted from grandparents and Aunt Marcia in years past:

The beleaguered Santa I made in kindergarten (foreground) and the striped stocking made for me when I was a kid by my Aunt Kristen:

Ornaments from our Christmases in India (this one is a Rajasthani keychain):

Ornaments passed down to us from Granny Dody:

The salt cookie ornaments we made last year (this one is a Concorde airplane, naturally):

Reid’s Christmas tree from last year – the dude likes bling:

Our depictions of “Bumble Man” and company – last year’s obsession:

And this year’s “stained glass votives”:

Phew, pardon the extensive list! Thanks to all those who have helped us create our family tradition of Christmas.

Merry Christmas!