Christmas in Vermont

2013 was a Vermont year for Christmas.  We delayed traveling by a day to avoid a big ice storm, but ended up getting a half inch ice coating on the forward facing surfaces of the car during our drive out on route 2 anyway.  Then the Route 2 Diner was closed!  We nearly perished!
Later in the week Katie and Tim did some running when it was below zero.  One side benefit was the frozen beard:

Christmas itself was perfect and time in Glover passed like air through the screen door.  Relaxing a little, exercising a little, cooking and eating, socializing a bit.  Tracking turkeys.  Building trains and helicopters, reading, sleeping, laughing.
We also got to visit our old friends the Walsh Dalozes in Montpelier.  Maeve is so big and Hazel so irresistible!  They are all in great form, and doing very well.
We experimented mightily with sledding with the WDs.

See what I mean about Hazel and Maeve?  Wow and wow.  We like Susie too.

Grandma Marie and Grandpa Topher trudged along with us on our annual ski trip to Craftsbury.  They were the bad guys, naturally.
Four successful skiers.
Grandma Marie and Grandpa Topher taking turns reading books at night.
We realize in retrospect that we have been taking a huge quantity of pictures of little Reid as he dances between being a big boy and the last remnants of a babe.  And, so, here they are, because this won’t last forever: