Walk to Work – Jan 1, 2014

First, I leave the house as Katie and Liam wave goodbye.

Then I pass the circle where the trees are aglitter with ice and sun.

The ice storm has left a crystal coating on everything.
With the ice and the sun and the snow, even Bennoch Road is gorgeous!

And for the first time since we moved in 2010, people have crossed the frozen river.  I haven’t, but I’m tempted!

It’s just a magical day.

The foot of perfect powder betrays the goings-on of even the smallest of Orono’s residents.

Normally a shot from the this location and direction would be a picture of Orono bridge over the Stillwater.  Not today.  Today it’s just mist and sun.

To see the full beauty that morning, treat yourself to the full sized panorama, by clicking on it:

Sure enough, the bridge is obscured in ice-fog!

And, so, therefore, was I!