My fevrit toy

This is such a poignant, tender thing.  Liam is learning to spell, and it is amazing to behold.  We were stuck in an ice-storm and a kind neighbor invited us in.  Our kids played with their kids, as we waited for the road crews to come.
We played with all of their new toys (for this was not long after christmas), and eventually Liam and Reid got to experience Mario Kart.  It blew their minds.
They were utterly enthralled.  After we left, they were still jazzed about it.  Then the days passed, and they seemed to forget.  But Liam had not forgotten, no!
Then a few weeks ago, we get this book home from school, about his favorite toy.  It’s so sweet.  I love the coloring and the detail.  And I adore the spelling, most to come on the spelling front, for certain!
Liam and Reid now play real-life Mario Kart, which is also pretty rad.