Maine Huts and Trails

I went on a three-day ski trip with some women friends. It was a fabulous getaway: great company, lots of skiing, meals and bunk bed provided.

Maine Huts and Trails is a great non-profit that runs these back-country huts. Most are off the grid, so electricity is solar generated (in part), water is heated by wood, toilets are of the fancy Clivus composting variety.
My buddies: Jenny Shemwell, headed across the bog between Poplar and Flagstaff.
Jenny Shrum, on day two headed down to Flagstaff Lake.
And Mimi, with all of our gear (we packed in clothes and sleeping bags).

Arriving at Flagstaff Hut!
Outside Flagstaff Hut
Inside Flagstaff. These huts provide good company–both guests and caretakers–and they also provide great food, which makes for civilized backpacking!
On our final day, we followed the snowmobile tracks across Flagstaff Lake, providing us a welcome shortcut (still at least ten miles) back to the car.
Chocolate break–thank you, Mimi.

On Flagstaff Lake

The map. Our route was composed of three days with 10+ miles each day. Day one, we started at the Stratton trail head and followed the Narrow Gauge Trail along a river, and then cut up to Poplar Hut. Day two, we skied through a bog and up to the halfway yurt, and then back down again to Flagstaff Hut. Day three, we skied across Flagstaff Lake, back to Poplar Hut, and to our car at the Gauge trail head.

Thanks to the adventurous women who joined me!