The food market right down the street from our hotel.
Everyone here bikes, wearing the most beautiful clothing–they all have fenders. On our first night, Tim asked his colleagues–most all of them from Europe–how they commuted to work. Not a single person goes by car.

St. George in the Old Town island, which is known as Gamla Stan.
The Royal Palace just north of Gamla Stan.
This fountain and square, Stortorget, are in the middle of Gamla Stan. Behind Tim is the Nobel Museum, where we got to have dinner with Tim’s colleagues. One of them sat on the chair signed by laureate Lynn Ostrom, whom many of these economists worked with/admire. 
None of us sat on Obama’s chair as it was hanging from the ceiling.
The museum had displays up and relics from different laureates. This was the bicycle that Amartya Sen used to do some of his field work, collecting rural pediatric health data.
Part of our dinner at the Nobel Museum–standard Swedish fair. Not presented is pickled herring in the typical mustard and dill sauce, but we’ve been having a good deal of that for breakfast. Food here is expensive, moderately portioned, high quality, and an experience people relish, rather than rush through. In short, a real pleasure if you can afford it.
An afternoon snack on Södermalm, one of the central islands of Stockholm. The Stockholm archipelago is made of up 24,000 islands!
Södermalm is known as the up-and-coming hipster island. Lots of art (which is everywhere in Stockholm), design, etc.
A lost mitten and glove art instalation.
I took a ferry one day to get from Djurgården (the former royal hunting grounds that are now a huge park) to Södermalm. These ferries are part of the regular public transit, just like trains and buses.

Folks are happy here, too, apparently.
I spent a lot of time in parks, watching people (more on that later). Their flowers seem to be slightly ahead of Maine’s, which is impressive.


A Djurgården statue.
A modern-day shepherdess in Djurgården. There was also a small, but very active farm.
More Djurgården sculptures.