The Spokane Indians!

We went to see a Spokane Indians baseball game, and what fun it was!
The nice thing about the minors is that everybody in the crowd feels like they are in the thick of things.

For those of you concerned about the team name, fair enough, but the Spokane tribe not only endorses the name, but also sponsors the team. Signs around the arena are in Salish. Pretty cool!
The mascot:
And the even-more popular Recycle Man, who turns out to be the fiancé of a high school classmate of mine. He scales the bleachers in a flash to snatch flying recyclables out of the air and deliver them to a bin. What a total dude!
Cold beer, snacks, Cracker Jacks, get your Cracker Jacks here!
The prizes ain’t what they used to be, but oh well:

Inspiration definitely struck for at least one of us: