Spokane–we love it here!

We had a wonderful visit to Spokane to see family and celebrate my 20th high school reunion. The reunion was fabulous–it involved paddling down the Little Spokane River, one of my favorite spots in the Northwest. My graduating class had 24 people, and it was such a treat to see all of these folks of whom I’m so fond, now with their lovely partners and kids. Unfortunately, we were having so much fun at the reunion, I forgot to get out my camera.
Fortunately, we managed to take lots of good pictures of our time with Sal and O’da. Almost every day, we were out playing and swimming in city parks.

One of Spokane’s famous sky walks.

The carousel at Riverfront Park:

Liam was intrigued with this street musician. They chatted for a while. Liam told the man that he had been teaching himself to play the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle theme song on the piano. He wondered if the fellow might know how to play it. Sadly, the answer was no, but he played a beautiful “When You Wish Upon A Star” for Liam.

 Sal and O’da have taken up lawn bowling in the last few years at Mission Park, and they took us out one evening to give it a whirl:

We went fishing at West Medical Lake with O’da. As a fisherman said to us that day, fishing was good; catching wasn’t so great.

We enjoyed several great meals in the beautiful backyard, which has been transformed into an impressive perennial garden over the years (or, really, since the family dog–God love her!– retired and stopped digging everything up).

Liam lost his first tooth:

And one evening, we played baseball, sword fighting, and all sorts of other games, into the night.

It was lovely to be home!