First day and the tooth fairy

Today was the first day of school for both Liam and Reid. Liam is now in first grade and Reid is attending two different pre-kindergarten classes: one in the morning and one in the afternoon. They were both excited by their first day of school, even energized for it.  Reid learned to write his name in honor of the occasion. And, on the first day of first grade, Liam lost his second tooth! 

When we asked Reid what the highlight of his day had been, he said it was playing with Liam on the playground. We asked Liam too, and much to our delight, he said it was “playing with Reid on the playground.” How nice to have fun sibs!
Tonight, has a I said good night to them, Liam asked: “How did this tooth fairy tradition start?” He wanted to know if the tooth fairy was real, he was skeptical. “I think someone just made it up…” I turned off the light, and told him that I didn’t know everything about the matter. I encouraged him to find a way to test his idea that the tooth fairy might not be real. “Maybe we could scan the room… Do we have a room scanner? Is there such a thing in the room scanner?”  I told him that wa a good idea and that while there are no room scanners that I know of, he might try looking for a more direct way of testing. We agreed to both think about how to test it. Tonight, we put a candy bar under his pillow.