Reid skis Hermon Mountain!

We have started Reid and Liam on a four-week series of downhill ski lessons at the local ski hill: Hermon Mountain.  It has been absolutely amazing to watch them grow and so fun! This time, the third week, Reid skied the whole mountain by self. Here is some of what that looks like…
The dude is getting comfortable with the chairlift. He now likes to stand on the foot rest, a position that half impresses and half terrifies his father. Note the location of his bottom relative to the seat.

The lessons themselves are fast, and we find ourselves skiing for fun well before noon.
Today, we treated ourselves to lodge food…Pizza!
Liam is also growing very fast with skiing. Usually I don’t keep up with him. 
Here’s the videographic evidence. 
Then we went back on the slopes again. Here is the smallest creature in our team. 
Here is that same dude at home, making hot chocolate, after a victorious outing!