Farmers and duckies

Liam and his classmates dressed up as farmers for their spring music concert:

Needless to say, the performance was adorable.

In other news, he and his classmates have been practicing jump roping and have been encouraged to fund raise money for the American Heart Association. Tim and I have been ambivalent about the fundraising, because the children are given flyers at school, complete with corporate advertisements, and pictures of little rubber duckies that they can earn for each fundraising level. Naturally, this process is all about the duckies for the kids. I expressed my concern to Liam about any advertising in school, as well as the problem of kids with access to money earning fancier duckies. Then I was cleaning his room the other day, and I found this:

Poor fellow. It has to be a drag having such a weirdo parents. He ended up using five dollars of his own money to get a ducky, and seems to be very satisfied