We made an overnight stop at the Ford on our way to DC this week, and even stayed on campus overnight. It was a lovely visit!

The building where Tim and I met in a philosophy class:
Our children’s reaction when we explained this and asked them for a picture outside:
 The philosophy classroom:
And Liam’s contribution to the chalkboard:
The Gummere Morley room in the library, a personal favorite, and our kids playing outside the window:
Liam insisted upon spending a good 10 minutes cleaning up the beer cups and abandoned wine bottles left over from a previous night’s party (I had been questioning what kind of punks leave a mess like this behind for someone else to clean up, honor code and all–apparently he agreed):
A favorite tree Tim and I used to climb:

On the path to the Haverford Friends meeting (memory is such a fickle thing – I forgot what side of the path of the meeting house was on):

What a place! We were both struck by what a privilege it was to spend four years there. Thanks to our parents for making it happen!