The Beehive

On Veterans Day we went on an adventure! 
We drove to Acadia, and hike the mountain called the Beehive. It does look like a beehive, although you will not see that in our pictures. A warning sign told us not to hike with children or when wet. It was raining, so we forged ahead:

It was really quite steep.

Thankfully, we have safe children!

And dexterous!

Some of the trail gave me the willies, though:

We split up so that there was one adult hiking with each kid.

finally, the Summit, and a relaxation of my parental stress.

Here Liam is standing on a small mountain island in a try puddle pond on a big mountain on a big island in a very big ocean.

The trails marked with special cairns. 

Once again, experience proves: there is no bad time to go to Acadia national Park.