Family Christmas Ornaments

Our annual Christmas gift shop starts up. 
First, we assemble the materials and tools. 

Corks, a hole-punch,

Dried grape vines,

Twigs, bark, dirt, a Leatherman,

Dried mushrooms, string, colored pencils, an electric drill.

After a day of awesome creative building we had assembled many wonderful creations to give for Christmas. They included bark creatures…

Bottle cap reindeer…

Finding the right twigs for horns is extra tricky. The branching distance needs to be very short. 

Bottle cap snow women with scarves…

While we did much of this Liam crafted a bouquet of colorful paper flowers. Reid also made a bunch of pipe-cleaner-and-bead candy canes. 

We also made micro-fridge pots…

…for micro fridge plants!

At the end of all of this I want to do more crafting, especially with natural materials like bark, mushrooms and twigs. The are so lovely. 
Of course, the unsung hero in all this, aside from our impressively focused children, is…. a hot glue gun. A truly magical tool.