Costa Rica, day two

Morning light on a bi-colored palm on our second day.

A simple and delicious breakfast we made today. Well really, we just assembled the eggs, bread and papaya. They all started out pretty well made, and delicious.

An iguana lives on the tree near our cabin.

This is our cabin. The iguana was on the tree to the left, in the foreground.
 The cabin is close to the Sámara beach.
And there are horses on the beach. You don’t see that often where we come from.
Sámara is a tourist town.
This graffiti on the side of the “super” (supermarket) is art. Hopefully we see a scarlet macaw.

In the afternoon we rented a kayak and paddle to a nearby island to go snorkeling. Here’s the island.

Adorable little hermit crabs littered the sand.  We caught this group eating a piece of pineapple.

We watched the pelicans intently. They are such effective and well adapted creatures.