Space Needle, Chihuly, a Troll, and More

See if you can decode this message:
Riding the monorail to the Seattle Center:

Seattleites make awesome playgrounds:

In their UMaine preschool, Liam and Reid studied Dale Chihuly. Now this preschool is one of a kind, which means that when the kids “studied” Chihuly, they really just did Chihuly-esque work/play of their own–painting with brooms and making melted plastic chandeliers. As a result, visiting the Chihuly museum was a hit:

One highlight of our Seattle Center day was meeting up with Uncle Mike. Quirk brothers, separated by a generation:

Chihuly liked to collect things, among them, accordions:

The gum wall near Pike Place (Seattle loves its art, even of the chewed variety):

We didn’t make it up to the tulip and daffodil  fields north of Seattle, but the market was in full bloom:

Pinball Museum:

The locks:

And, of course, the Fremont troll: