Reid’s artwork, May 2016

Reid and Liam are both major artists these days. It’s lovely to see, and it’s hard to keep up with. They produce a non-stop stream of art, from stuffed animal plays, to Liam’s origami, kirigami, and pokémon drawings to Reids lego designs and school artwork for them both.  Here’s a set of Reid’s recent school artwork.

Clomnesaurus! A newly described species, clearly.

Reidasaurus. Of course that’s an old classic.  You can always tell a Reidasaurus by it’s ability to breathe fire and all the wings. So many wings.

Stage 1/2: it’s raining and the luggage is getting loaded on the big plane while a parachutist is descending.

 Stage 2/2: The large plan is has taken off, before the parachutist landed (see unfinished parachute?). The small plane is hurtling down the runway making a “VVVVVVVVV” sound. Ah.  So satisfying, these drawings. So clear and purposeful. – Daddy.