From Antigua to San Pedro

Here’s what that eruption in Antigua looked like a bit closer:

Antigua is a stunning city. They’ve done a great job of preserving the old style and buildings, but the place is bustling with activity, plenty of it touristic.

Here’s a View of the place from the forest nearby:

After spending two nights and one nice day in Antigua, we boarded a bus for San Pedro La Laguna on Lake Atitlan. The drive was exciting, but less exciting than others we’ve had over similar roads. After a very smooth section of highway for some hours we turned off and descended switch backs like those of the “Ghat Road”, except with standard road width, down to the lake.

Cuddles, the sloth, joined us. As has scooter the puppy (not pictured).
Lake Atitlan is stunning.

And wow, is there ever so much to look at, taste, climb, learn and do! This is just the start of the start, but we are having an absolute blast.

Next up: San Pedro itself – a small lakeside city of some 13,000 lovely people of mostly Mayan descent, most of whom speak Tz’utujil, which sounds more like Arabic than spanish. The place is alive with color and life and food. Our language school is beautiful, our host family impossibly generous, and the city entrancing with it’s narrow streets and tuk-tuks… That’s for next time!